Cat 44 Commodores Cup Racing Notices

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 2005 Commodores Cup Race Notice




The 33rd Annual Running of the Commodore's Cup Race will be held on Sunday, December 4th, 2005 at Fort Lauderdale South Beach. The traditional race course will be set, i.e., the start will be off Fort Lauderdale Beach, then to the Fort Lauderdale Sea-buoy, then to the Hillsboro Inlet center channel marker, and back to Fort Lauderdale South Beach. If weather conditions are unfavorable then the race will be shortened, but we hope to run the race in its traditional course.



The traditional bottle of chilled champagne will be at the finish for the winner with a warm 6 pack of Old Milwaukee for the loser. Remember, getting second in the Commodore's Cup Race is like being runner up in the Miss America contest; who cares.


The traditional bagel breakfast will be served (out of someone's van) at South Beach starting at 9:30 A.M. and provided by the fleet treasury (sock). The bagels will provide just the right ballast needed if the wind is blowing. We will have the usual fare of bagels, orange juice, and coffee. Don't miss.


A reminder to all to show up for the Cat44 Group Picture. This is open to all sailors, members and friends Lets make this year the biggest group photo of them all.


The traditional ugly silver Commodore's Cup will be brought to the beach newly polished and cleaned by last year's winners Mark Jones and Gail Rohrer. The cup is similar to The America's Cup, i.e., an ugly trophy that everybody wants. The first place winner gets the use of the Cup until the next race and everybody else gets nothing and lives in envy until next year.


The fleet welcomes anyone and everyone to race this event, however the trophy is limited to paid up Cat 44 Members sailing Hobie 16 boats. The Treasurer will be at the beach before the race.


As in the last three years an After Race Party will be held in the home of Bill and Colleen Stolberg at 3055 Harbor Drive, Number 602 Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is a condominium 2 blocks from the race site so access is easy and if you don't know where it is ask for directions from anyone; you can see the building from the race site. The traditional chow will be specially made conch chowder with Bimini bread, hot buttered rum, and other beach type goodies, including rum and beer. The After Race Party will be from 4:30 (or immediately after the race) until 6:30 p.m. Bring a change of clothes to the beach and save the trip home. There are places to change at the condominium. The attire is beach formal which means a t-shirt that's not ripped and shorts that aren't dripping.


The Stolberg's condominium has the usual condominium-parking crisis and there is really almost no parking in the building. The best option is to drive your car to the far end of the city parking lot, which is only one block from the condominium. Ask for instructions on the beach if all of this sounds confusing.


Last year there was a food crisis since many more showed up to the after race party then planned. It is imperative that you RSVP to Colleen Stolberg at 954-763.5102 so that everyone else doesn't come and wolf up .- all of the food before you get there.


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2005 Inlet to Inlet Distance Race for Windsurfers (Held In Conjunction with Cat44 Commodores Cup)

Click here for the Official i-to-i web site

December 4, 2004, (Practice & tuning on Saturday, 3rd)

LATEST NEWS - The i-to-i is now the first race for the US Windsurfing National Race Tour and the Southeast Series 2006.


The i to i, (Inlet to Inlet Distance Race), will take place on Fort Lauderdale South Beach on Sunday December 4th. The final race course will be determined according to the prevailing weather conditions, but the preferred course will be Port Everglades Inlet to the Hillsboro Inlet and back.

It's about 11.5 miles from inlet to inlet. Depending on the wind direction and strength it could take as little as an hour or quite a bit longer! The marks are far enough offshore that the race can and will be run in offshore winds. As this is a bit of distance to cover and the possibility of breakdown, fatigue, or injury exists, combined with potential offshore winds, it will be strongly encouraged that you carry a cell phone for emergency use. There are secure waterproof bags to carry cell phones in that allow their use in the water without damage to the phone from seawater entry. Please don't take chances with your safety and procure a case for your phone and bring it with to the race as there will not be chase boats or anyone but yourself looking after you. With that said, the coast is pretty friendly up and back, and with the exception of most of Fort Lauderdale public beach and a small stretch of Pompano public beach, anywhere along the beach is a landing spot for a rest or adjustment if needed. A map of the shoreline will be handed out with some landmarks you'll see from the water and distances marked from the start. If winds are light, or interest in a shorter course for all or part of the entrants, that will considered as well the day of the race. The race will be run at the same time, with a separate start, as the Cat 44 Hobie fleet who will be running their annual event, Commodore's Cup, in the same format.

Race rules: Be safe, have fun, try to finish, attempt to be first! Any board, any sail, any craft that can go the distance is welcome. What you start with, you must finish with, unless you come back to the start and re-start with other gear. We'll write down your sail number and home/cell phone number at the skippers meeting.

Classes & Scoring:  Class scoring offered for submission to US Windsurfing National Race Tour will be Formula, Formula Experience, Prodigy, RS/X and Open.  As this is a long distance race, a single start will be held with all sailboard classes to start at once.  Scoring will be in order of finish, with qualifying classes to be scored as separate classes.  For scores to be recognized for the US Windsurfing NRT a minimum of three participants is required to form a class score.  

Prize(s): TBA

Entry Fee: None per se, but bring your cell phone in a waterproof bag that you can use on/in the water.

First possible race start 9:00 am. It's a good idea to arrive early (7:30 am), to get an easy parking spot at Fort Lauderdale City Lot, ($1 Residents, $6 others for all day parking). There is grass to rig on the north end of the lot closest to our launch. Practice / fun sailing Saturday. Possibility for guest lodging in homes of locals.

For more information: Ron Kern (954) 565-4154 or